Our Story

Omnis beauty was born from necessity, at the age of 21 I began to suffer with hormonal acne and due to my mixed ethnic background my skin tone is prone to hyperpigmentation. Now in my late twenties, I have spent many years trying to manage my acne and scarring so I could feel more comfortable and confident in my skin. My goal was to get healthier skin and be able to wear less makeup. Having used a plethora of skincare products of all price ranges, both medical and non-medical my main necessity was to find products that were effective but not aggressive, that I could use daily and long term without being too hard on my skin. Being half Italian I have always been inspired and fascinated by Mediterranean vegetation and the natural benefits of marine flora, when making my own formulas at home on my kitchen table I researched and utilised the best organic natural ingredients that I could source from Italy and France. This resulted in products that were light yet potent and helped me in my journey from curing my acne to getting rid of my hyperpigmentation and maintaining a healthy skin complexion.

Having been through my own skincare struggles I know how much your skin can affect how you feel, your mood and your self confidence. When I decided to share my products with you all and not just my friends and family it was imperative that I created something that would aid everyone to feel good and achieve great skin. I want to reinforce that everyone is individually beautiful and the skincare you use should amplify your beauty and be kind on the environment. I am proud to be from an ethnic minority and being born and raised in the multi-cultural city of London I have profound respect for all people. The name Omnis which in Latin means ‘all’ reflects the inclusivity of our products, all the formulas are gender neutral and for all skin types. I believe beauty is not something we should strive to attain because it is something that we all have already and our power is to acknowledge that and use products that lovingly respect our skin.